• We have recycled 2918 PLASTIC BOTTLES since we began in February.

  • We have sold 70 swimsuits (we are hoping to reach our 100th Bikini sale in July!)

  • We are celebrating our Half Birthday next August 3rd by making our first donation to Fundación Proyecto Maniapure.

  • We are celebrating Plastic Free July by doing a beach clean-up everyday for the month of July! Support us from your local beach to free the ocean from Microplastics! Next time you go to the beach take 5-10 minutes to go on a microplastic hunt, you have the power to make people around you feel inspired to make a change too, EMBRACE YOUR POWER OF CHANGE!

  • We successfully shipped our first inventory of swimsuits from Venezuela to Kauai three weeks ago! We sadly lost some bikinis on the way and some of them were permanently damaged, but our second inventory is on its way and we are hoping they will all make it safely here.

  • We are attending 3 local Pop-Up Markets weekly (Aina Hou Maker’s Market, the Hanalei Farmer’s Market and the Makai Golf Club Market) so if are ever in Kauai you know where to find us!