About us

 Hola & aloha!

My name is Belkis Campos, and I am the founder and CEO of Con Cariño Design a sustainable boutique, influenced by my Caribbean heritage and inspired by the magic of Kaua’i. I design and ethically hand-make original vibrant swimwear and clothing for the sustainably sexy eco-warrioress! We want to make sustainability sexy! I am committed to continuously improving our processes to be more sustainable every day. That’s why we ethically hand-make all our garments and only use natural textiles or recycled synthetic fibers.

All our swimwear is ethically handmade by my family back home in Venezuela.

 All our clothing is ethically handmade in Nepal by a team of strong talented women.

All our accessories are ethically handmade in Ghana & Colombia by rural and indigenous communities. 

We believe business can be an incredible force for good, that’s why we are purpose driven company! Our purpose is to support the work of amazing grass-root level non-profits in the countries where we hand-make our beautiful products. We donate 25% of our profits to these organizations.

In Venezuela we support Maniapure Foundation, a non-profit providing medical support to indigenous communities in southeastern Venezuela.

In Nepal we support the work of Conscious Impact a non-profit dedicated to promoting and educating in permaculture practices and sustainable farming in rural Nepal.


Con Cariño Design was founded in the middle of a global pandemic in June of 2021, in the island of Kauai.

By a girl, very far from home, with very big dream.

Let’s keep dreaming together!